build HSR California

Road 27 Overpass


Construction is currently underway on an overcrossing that will carry traffic over future high-speed and existing BNSF rail lines outside the town of Madera, eliminating an existing at grade crossing.


On Road 27 between Club Drive and Avenue 17 near Madera Acres.


Excavation for the foundation of a retaining wall at Road 27 has begun at the north end of Construction Package 1, outside the city of Madera. With the retaining wall in place, fill dirt can be trucked-in to build an embankment that will take traffic over the existing railroad line and the future high-speed train corridor. Eventually, a frontage road will also be constructed alongside the embankment so adjacent property owners can have access around the crossing. Further north, the abutments and support piers are also progressing.


Construction began in October 2016 and is expected to be finished in late 2017.

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