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CP 2-3: Pre-Construction Activities


An asphalt overlay resurfacing project was recently completed on two roadways in Tulare County in anticipation of increased traffic on those routes once high speed rail construction begins nearby. Crews have also begun construction of an earthen embankment in southern Fresno County that will form the foundation for high speed trains. Utility relocation, demolition, clearing and grubbing, and other preliminary activities are underway to prepare the 65-mile corridor for construction.


From East American Avenue in Fresno County to one-mile north of the Tulare-Kern County line.


Construction is about to kick off on part of Construction Package 2-3 in Kings County. Just east of State Route 43 (SR 43), crews with contractor Dragados/Flatiron, a Joint Venture (DFJV) are testing fill dirt that will potentially be used to construct high-speed train embankments and overpass embankments that will carry cars over high-speed trains at Kent Avenue and Kansas Avenue. An excavator is used to dig up the material, while a bulldozer spreads it across the field to dry it out so it can undergo moisture content tests by DFJV. If the material is suitable, 300,000 cubic yards of it could be utilized as embankment between Nevada and Newark Avenues while approximately another 500,000 cubic yards could be used for embankments for Kent Avenue and Kansas Avenue overpasses.


Preparation for construction is ongoing.

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