build HSR California

Avenue 12 Overpass


Construction is currently underway on an overcrossing that will take Avenue 12 traffic over future high-speed and existing BNSF rail lines outside the town of Madera, eliminating the need for the existing at-grade crossing.


On the north side of Avenue 12 a little east of Madera Community College.


Construction of an abutment and support pier is underway at Avenue 12, where a new alignment of the roadway is being built a little to the east of Madera Community College. Two bridges will be connected by an earthen embankment that will allow Avenue 12 traffic to cross over the future high-speed rail line and the freight line further to the east. A majority of the 500,000 cubic yards of fill-dirt will be trucked to the site to build up the embankment by the end of the month. On the east side of the tracks, an electrical pole is being relocated before excavation activities begin to build an abutment.


Construction began in February 2017 and is expected to be finished in mid-2018.

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